Wednesday, December 10, 2014

26 and a half hours

Palembang, Tuesday Des 9th 2014.
SMB to ADS trip via nam air, 14.20 wib the plane was set n ready to flight. (There was no time difference between plg n jgj)
15.50 landed on ADS, took a cab n went to hotel.
16.35 arrived at hotel, check in and took a bath while waiting for You.
17.45 finally saw U from lobby waving to me in ur skutic.
17.50 we talk a lot, yeah meanwhile there were a lot of silent moment also happened
21.00 1st time had dinner together, ate some ala2 ramen at Hakone
22.30 rode along ur skutic around the city till sleepy ;D
23.00 U took me back to hotel, say goodnight and get some rest
Jogja, Wednesday Des 10th 2014
07.30 See U again n I asked U to brought me to GSP and had some breakfast, soto pak dal be
09.30 after bfast we back to hotel and talking again till check out time
11.00 check out, went to ur kost to put my backpack and then decided to go to jejamuran
12.30 arrived at jejamuran, had some delicious mushrooms foods and drinks in jejamuran with U
13.30 A light rain happened, but I still asked U to see familiar street that I've been heard, jakal. Go untill km. 17, turn around and move down to go another place
14.30 and here we were, at amplaz. Our plan to watch some movie here became null coz of XXI building part had some renovation.
15.00 changed of place, we went to empire and watch Exodus, me took a flash nap while U had some yawn
17.40 U stood there, waiting for me. Somehow it made me sure why I like U
18.30 U took me to Raminten, nice place n good price of meals. We ate (again) much
19.15 went to ur kost to pick up my backpack, but suddenly a light rain happened again. We took a little bit "mandi hujan" together while rode ur skutic
19.30 arrived at tugu train station waiting for my train
20.20 hate to do this, but my train had to leave ur town. Said goodbye to each other, I wish I could extend my visit.
And yeah that was our itinerary together. This post fully dedicated to U, R.
-Argo Dwipangga, Eks 2, 6B, 11pm-

*photo courtesy by You yes You