Friday, February 20, 2009


I Think It's My Confession (Afgan)

My day dreaming while the grey sky morning (Vertical Horizon)
Even though I'm just an ordinary people (Afgan)
I wanna be Your Guardian Angel (The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus)
Cos 4 me You're Beatifull (James Blunt)

Everything that I want is you (Michael Buble)
Going home someday with U is the sweetest thing (Michael Buble)
Don’t ask me coz I don't wanna talk about it (Rod Stewards)
There’s no one in my mind (Alicia Keys)

Seems like it's complicated (Avril Lavigne)
But my heart look likes bigger than my body (Jhon Mayer)

So if I were you (Hoobastank)
I will say I wanna grow old with U (Adam Sandler)

Then please don't write me off (Hugh Grant)
I just wanna you save the last dance for me (Michael Buble)
And cover on my heart forever (Guy Sebastian)


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  1. nak gantike Mang Id apo om jadi MD? :p

    MD = Music Director bukan My Dear :D

  2. keren au! pas nian!. ternyata dikau pacak puitis jugo ;))

  3. buat adek yo mas?? GE-er neh jadinya

  4. hohoho...
    jadi hiatus karena mempersembahkan puisi ini tah??

  5. sejak kapan jadi puitis? xixixixi ;))

  6. @Arten : Daku lbh pilih My Dear om ;))

    @Triana : MU nnn tauuu :)

    @Ranny : Dak usah ge er dek cos it's emang 4 U :x

    @Nike : (doh) ibu ni, 1 posting for 1 month ke :p

    @Quinie : Loh jadi selama ini gak tau? :p

  7. ai dak ngerti amah, om, dem numpang tawo bae lah =))

  8. @itikkecil : not really, just coretan iseng (halah) :D

    @bikpici : (doh) nyampah tu la yeee

  9. so sweet au.... jadi ngiri dikit sm dinda :p

  10. Minta buatin betmen dunk! ;)


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