Saturday, June 16, 2012

1 + 6 = 7

I always like number "7" (seven), perhaps it's start when I read "7 Lucky" comics when I was child. :)

But "7" is not what I wanted to talk to, lets move to number "16" (sixteen). As some of you know, I was born June, 10am. And that day exactly the same of Ramadhan, 16th, which is why I included "am", because if I were born after Maghrib (pm) that will be Ramadhan 17th after all. :D

Special day, in the middle of Masehi year, and just a couple hour from revelation come to our prophet, Muhammad SAW. This babies born without sin at all, very pure, absolutely making me jealous now. (indeed man!). And several years later during the passage of time that baby boy have many sins now. I'm absolutely sure he extremely regret that and know that he will adding some of them in the future in his life. Whether that cause by intentional or not.

Alhamdulillah that baby boy still alive now, still taking a breath free from Alloh SWT. And still pray, may Alloh forgive his many sins. Yeahhh...that was my hope on my birthday beside I wanna be useful person, for my parents, family, friends and everyone (in a right path of course). Many thanks to Him still gave a chance to proof it to all of you guys.

*ps : I would love choose Ramadhan, 16th than a June, 16th


  1. Aaamiiiin... moga doa2nya didengar malaikat dan diijabah Allah SWT. Toss dulu ah sesama pecinta angka 7 dan terlahir bulan Ramadhan :D ...

    *btw td dah ngetik komen panjang2...taunya error. hadoooh... yg pasti td aku doain panjang kali lebar. moga lgsg nyampe ke Allah. walau ga sempet ke publish di komen :*

  2. Syukron cha, dan dakupun msh bener2 salut dikau inget 1+6=7 :D

    Aminnn...ya Robbal alamiinn.. buat apaun doanya yg ga kepublish. :)

  3. Selamat hari lahir, semoga Allah melimpahkan banyak kebaikan-kebaikan dalam hidupmu ^_^


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