Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Posting Prematur 3 Hari

Kenapa prematur??? karena mothers day masih 3 hari lagi, tetapi secara kemungkinan taking off from maya's world 4 couple of days jadi ya beginilah jadinya :


Sometimes I feel my heart so lonely but that's ok
No matter how my girl just left me I just don't care

*Whenever the rain felts down it's seem there's no one to hold me
She's there for me she's my mom

Reff :
Just for my mom I write the song
Just for my mom I sing this song
Cos just mom can wipe my tears
Cos just my mom can only here

Trapped in the subway can't remember the day but I feel ok
Dumped in damn situation in every condition with no conclusion


You may say I have no one
To cover me under the sun
You'll only get it from your mom

Some of Old Song. But this song's usually remind me to my mom. Love U mom..!!! I'm sorry for all of my sin, I wish someday I could make u proud cos of me.


  1. ehm lagu jadul nian caknyo, jaman SMP dulu ini, album kedua SO7 Sebuah Kisah Klasik, ai laju inget mama di rumah nah :D

  2. jadul banget nih,
    zaman masih kecil nih


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