Friday, December 14, 2007

Deja Vu

Do you believe this word? or even been in this situation???

Believe it or not, I've been in that situation couple of times. I'm trying to use another words to show what happen on me, but i just couldn't find another one. Last time it happen related with this posting. I forget that's come from my thought or my dream. It just suddenly happen. Some kind of weird situation isn't it?


  1. de javu???
    beberapo kali emang aku pernah ngeraso sih...
    tapi sebenernyo de javu tu apo ye??? apo semacem penglihatan batin???

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  3. kayak judul film nya Denzel Washington mang!

  4. @nike : percaya, tp pernah jg ngalamin gak ke?

    @idrus fhadli : biso dibilang cak itu, kl menurut ane sih deja vu itu suatu keadaan dimana kito ngeraso pernah ngalamin kejadian di suatu t4 dan di waktu lain (biso future bs past).

    @adam : cape' dehh, bisnis OL maning (nah ngerti gak loh?? kekeke)

    @cipluq : bukannya judul lagunya Beyonce?? (sama aja mah pdhl ;p)

  5. no comment,
    cz baru dengar juga nih


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